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Fast & Fierce Females: Crystal's Karting Triumphs

Track Bar Media: For you and your team, what is the most demanding part of your schedule?

Crystal: Lots and Lots of practice. This will be my first full rookie year in Novice Champ Karts.

Track Bar Media: How long have you been racing and how did you get started?

Crystal: I have been racing since August of 2023. I have been around racing my whole life but my mom had a connection with one of her friends who then ended up giving the offer.

Track Bar Media: Do you keep a mental list of drivers who race you a certain way?

Crystal: I do not keep a mental list in the rookie class due to the fact we are all learning! I do keep a mental list of the divisions that will be next for me in time.

Track Bar Media: What's one of the largest challenges of getting the kart ready for race day?

Crystal: I would say getting the kart unloaded, making sure the tires get scrapped, filled with air, doing an oil change frequently and just being prepared to go out even when there is a schedule change.

Track Bar Media: What do you think about during a long green-flag run? Are you concentrating on driving or do you get in a zone and not think about anything?

Crystal: For me during a long green flag run I feel as though it depends on the day and how I am feeling. There are times where I concentrate on what I'm doing so I don't mess up. There's also times where I just zone out and everything happens naturally.

Track Bar Media: When fans come up to you and mention a moment or a race from your career, which one comes up the most?

Crystal: I would say my first-ever full practice day because people were watching me and came up to me and told me how great I was doing because I never gave up on trying to get faster and learning the line, and a lot of people who had come up to me were surprised because it just looked so natural like I had done it before.

Track Bar Media: If you had one day off to do anything in the world – but you couldn't race – what would you do?

Crystal: I would make plans with my mom to just travel and go to places we’ve never been before but have also wanted to!

Track Bar Media: When you have a bad day on the track and you go home, who do you talk to about it? Or do you just keep the frustration to yourself?

Crystal: I talked about it with my kart owner, my mom, and my fiancé. They are always there for when I need them most!

Track Bar Media: When drivers are standing around shooting the bull and telling racing stories, what is one of your favorite stories you like to tell or have heard told about someone else?

Crystal: I would say my first weekend trip for icebreaker to Thompson Motor Speedway. It was a great and funny time.

Track Bar Media: What is a TV show you're really into right now?

Crystal: Tulsa King and First 48

Track Bar Media: Why have you chosen the car number you have?

Crystal: The kart number I have is 380 which is my kart owner's number and we are keeping it in memory of his grandfather.

Track Bar Media: What tracks can we expect to see you at this season and which one is your favorite?

Crystal: Pomfret Speedway is the only track for racing we will be at this season!

Track Bar Media: When you are not working on your car or at the track, what are your most enjoyable pastimes/hobbies?

Crystal: Iracing and watching NASCAR

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