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Brandon Crawford

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn


What's the challenges of going from dirt to asphalt?

Kinda learning stuff backwards. If you enter a corner on asphalt like you do dirt you're gonna push like crazy or spin out I learned that in practice last week 


When fans come up to you and mention a moment or a race from your career, which one comes up the most?

 My 1st win at Volunteer Speedway, I had lost my dad about 7 years ago prior to that and it was on fathers Day weekend and both of my kids was at the track with me it just really ment alot something I will never forget 


What do you think about during a long green-flag run? Are you concentrating on driving or do you get in a zone and not think about anything? 

It's kinda tunnel vision trying hit your marks 


If someone paid you $5 million to design a new track somewhere, what kind of track would you make and what elements would it have?

1/4 mile semi backed asphalt track. When it was hot out the track would be super slick 


If you had one day off to do anything in the world – but you couldn't race – what would you do?

 Take my kids and Son in Law to Hawaii. That is a bucket list trip 


When drivers are standing around shooting the bull and telling racing stories, what is one of your favorite stories you like to tell or have heard told about someone else?

 I would say racing Dirt at Charlotte it's a different ball game in the Carolinas them boys are all on there game. We hadn't finished outside the top 5 here in dirt and went over there I qualified 18th out of 24 cars we did learn a lot so It was a good experience for us 


When you have a bad day on the track and you go home, who do you talk to about it? Or do you just keep the frustration to yourself?

My son Jackson we always have race talk on the way home. Sometimes he's hard on ole dad and tells me where I mess up. 


What is a TV show you're really into right now? 

 I'm a dale Jr download guy I watch it alot.  We watch hunt the front also 



 If you could give the younger version of yourself one piece of advice, what would it be?

Plan for the future better 


What is a quality or skill you envy in other drivers?

Being able to disassemble their cars and redo them I wish I was more mechanically inclined then I am 


 What was your first win in any form of racing?

Father's Day win at Volunteer Speedway 


If you could race any car/track combo in the world tomorrow which would it be and why?

Dirt Late Model at Eldora Speedway 


Tell us a little bit about your sponsors

 I have a great group of sponsors. 1st I wanna thank William, Lisa, Jr and Lindsey for letting me drive there car. Also wanna thank my kids for supporting my change. I Have Perfect Edge Lawn Care, Davis Brothers Roofing, Phillips Trucking Service, Food City, Blue Ridge Bantams & Lofts, Crawford's Detailing, RPM Graphics and Autism Awareness


 What tracks can we expect to see you at this season and which one is your favorite?

 Kingsport, lonesome pine and Volunteer Speedway. I would say Volunteer and Kingsport are my favorite 


Why have you chosen the car number you have?

The month of my kids Birthdays Maddie is 5th month Jackson is the 3rd month 


 When you are not working on your car or at the track, what are your most enjoyable      pastimes/hobbies? 

I really like to cook I know that sounds odd but I like it, we like to go site seeing a lot too, go check out some flea markets 


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